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Can Selenium Deficiency Cause Cancer?

Many researchers state that there is a possible link between selenium deficiency and cancer. Maintaining optimal levels of selenium contributes to overall health and well-being. Hair mineral analysis helps detect and treat selenium deficiency, which could cause cancer.

Discovering the world of children with special needs.

Hair mineral analysis provides valuable insights into different physiological functions that cause developmental behavioural disorders in children. Hair mineral analysis also diagnoses nutrient deficiencies that could lead to developmental behavioural disorders. Hair mineral analysis aids paediatricians in devising the right treatment plans for young patients.

Unveiling the Secrets of Hair Mineral Analysis: A Holistic Diagnostic Tool for Doctors.

Our body’s mineral levels keep changing due to many reasons external and internal. The secret to interpreting the hair analysis report is by considering these factors before devising treatment plans. These factors aid in accurately interpreting the hair analysi test report.

Enhancing Your Child’s Health: The Power of Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair mineral analysis diagnoses heavy metal toxicity and mineral levels in a child’s body. The secret to enhancing a child’s health is by balancing mineral levels in their body. A hair mineral analysis helps in correcting mineral imbalances and promoting overall health.

The connection between hair mineral analysis & heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metal toxicity cause many ailments in the body. It is important to identify the heavy metals before taking steps to remove them. A hair mineral analysis diagnoses heavy metals and suggests treatment plans to remove them from the body.

The Impact of Stress, Diet and Lifestyle on Body Mineral Levels

The body’s mineral levels can get altered due to stress, the diet you consume and lifestyle factors. Hair mineral analysis provides supplements and wellness tips to help balance your body's minerals and reduce stress's effects.

How Hair Mineral Analysis Helps in Micronutrient Deficiency?

Micronutrient deficiencies lead to various health issues. Hair mineral analysis can identify nutrient deficiencies and suggest wellness tips and supplements to rectify them. Your healthcare provider will guide you on treatment plans to normalise your nutrient levels.

What does hair mineral analysis say about allergies?

Allergies can cause many health problems. It is important to understand what triggers these allergies to have a better insight on what treatment plans to follow. Hair mineral analysis detects mineral imbalances that cause allergies and provides supplements to treat them.

Vitamin D deficiency – Are you at risk?

Vitamin D deficiency can occur due to inadequate sun exposure and following diet foods that lack vitamin D. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can be managed by taking supplements which help normalise vitamin D levels in the body.

5 Ways to get rid of acne

There are many traditional methods to treat acne. But alternative methods have become more popular as you can do these from the comfort of your home. Hair mineral analysis also assists in discovering reasons causing acne and provides supplements and wellness tips to cure them.