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  1. Calcium(Ca)
  2. Magnesium(Mg)
  3. Sodium(Na)
  4. Potassium(K)
  5. Iron(Fe)
  6. Chromium(Cr)
  7. Nickel(Ni)
  8. Cobalt(Co)
  9. Zinc(Zn)
  10. Copper(Cu)
  11. Manganese(Mn)
  12. Selenium(Se)

  • Mode of Delivery: No additional charges for the delivery
  • Required Sample: Hair
  • Mode of test: At Home
  • Results: 8-10days from receiving a sample
  • Applicable for: All Ages, Autism Spectrum, Mental Health, ADHD, Hair loss
  • About this test: Long term results for up to 3 months

  • Sterile cover to keep your hair samples
  • Instruction manual to be followed
  • Return envelope

  • The test kit will be delivered to your address when you make a test booking.
  • You must complete the information sheet in the package with the necessary information.
  • Cut about 40 to 50 strands from the scalp's base, then place them in the centre of the scalp. You obtain the best test sample in this manner. It is not necessary to pluck when taking the sample.
  • Send the HTMA sample and form, along with the document kit, to the office address listed in the document kit.
  • Results will be generated by mail 8-10 days after receiving a sample.

  • Anyone of any age group can take the test.
  • To ensure the collection of high-quality samples, all instructions in the package should be followed.
  • Keep your hair dry while taking the sample. Don't shampoo or wash your hair before taking the sample. This is because the report can include ingredients found in soap or shampoo.
  • Don’t keep an empty stomach before taking the sample.