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What is hair mineral analysis?
Hair Mineral Analysis is a diagnostic technique that identifies the presence of minerals, their deficiency or excess concentration, and disorders, if any. A total of (number) mineral values are monitored and approached holistically by experts. HMA is the best way to keep your body under check for the reliable results it offers in the longer run.
How does the process work?
Where do I obtain hair?
Why should I test my hair instead of a blood or urine sample?
Is there any age limit for HMA test?Are there any age restrictions for the HMA test?
When will the test results be revealed?
How reliable are the test results?
What are the key highlights of HMA?
How can I get my consultation done once the test is completed?
What are all the elements that will be tested?
How many grams of hair are to be collected?
Is it possible to perform hair sampling with colored or permed hair?
When will my permed or bleached hair be suitable for the HMA test?
How should the hair sample be sent for the HMA test?
Is HMA painful?
Should I wash my hair before cutting the sample?
Is it possible to perform hair sampling with colored or permed hair?

I had symptoms of vomiting, hair loss and anxiety. A doctor suggested I try the Hair mineral analysis test at Ginerva. I took the HMA test and got a report. I have suggested lifestyle changes and a nutritional diet plan which helped regain my health. I thank Ginerva for their guidance.

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