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What will your hair say about your health?

Hair Mineral Analysis gives the most reliable results on the body’s mineral content because the result of this test determines imbalances in the body and changes in elements and their interrelationships much more reliably than blood or urine tests. Don’t forget that the result of the Hair Mineral Analysis enables you to evaluate any imbalance in your body that may then lead to many serious diseases.

Who Should Take the Mineralife Hair Analysis Test?

There are no specific age restrictions to be eligible for the HMA test.

What does the analysis reveal?

The HMA test reveals the concentration of the different kinds of minerals in the human body. The test will help us identify the presence of macro minerals, toxic minerals, trace elements and the proportion between various minerals. Our body requires macro minerals in high quantities, whereas trace elements are minerals needed only in a lesser amount. Similarly, toxic minerals like mercury and () should not be present in the body. So this Hair Mineral Analysis will help identify the presence of excess minerals, any disorders that may occur due to deficiency or higher concentration.

Why Should You Test Mineral Levels?

To provide an accurate analysis of the body condition rather than blood or urine sampling in the long run. · To identify mineral deficiencies, existing disorders in the body, and even the chances of any diseases which may occur in the future. · To understand the cause of hair concerns or even psychological aspects in the body.

Why should I test my hair instead of a blood or urine sample?

The blood test and urine test give readings only for a shorter period, say 2-3 days. Whereas while measuring hair, the reading will remain constant even for 6 months. Hair samples are more reliable and stable when compared to another sampling in the longer run.


  • Flip your hair up at the top of your head and separate a section of your hair.
  • Using scissors, cut about 0.25 grams or a teaspoon of hair closest to the skin.
  • If your hair is permed or dyed, or bleached, the accuracy of results may vary. Please wait at least 4 months and cut the hair sample from the regrowth.
  • An HMA kit containing an envelope, a sterile pouch and an instruction leaflet will be sent.
  • Seal the sample in the sterile pouch carefully and send it back to the laboratory through the enclosed envelope.
  • The report will be generated and sent via email within 10-15 days.

Sample Hair Test Report

How It Works

  • Log in to our online portal
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly before placing the order.
  • Place your order, for which a confirmation email will be sent from our online assistant.
  • The HMA kit will be sent by courier. The kit will contain a sterile pouch and an envelope.
  • Cut about (gms) of hair, seal the sample in the sterile pouch and send it back to the laboratory through the return envelope.
  • The process will take up to 10-15 days.
  • After the analysis, the report will be sent via email. And an online consultation will be scheduled, which will be assisted by our hair expert.

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